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Google Sniper 2.0 Best

 It took me ages to get to the point where it is today. So basically the product that I’m going to be promoting through webinars is basically to build a list-building website for people – do their squeeze page, they’re going to have like 28 different offers they can choose from, so they’d pick which free offer they want to promote. Google Sniper 2.0. So I’ll build a squeeze page on their domain, on their web hosting, and the opt-ins go straight to their AWeber account, they don’t come to mine at all, they don’t do a double opt-in to mine, they go straight to their AWeber account, the one-time offers pay straight to their PayPal.

All the affiliate programs are set up - the ones that I actually promote, that I know convert really well – I set up all that for them, all their e-mail confirmation pages, all their thank you pages, all their download pages. Google Sniper 2.0. I set up the auto-responder series, promote these affiliate offers – everything’s done, all that they need to do then is send traffic to their squeeze page, and even then I’ve actually set up a training series of all those things we mentioned before, all those free traffic techniques. I’ve actually created a video series, step-by-step, and I show people how to do all that on that list-building site I’ve made for them. They just have to follow that training series to drive traffic and they start making money.

I’ve done four of these sites so far, and I’ve got two – and you know what it’s like, you can set up things for people but they have to take action, you know what I mean – I’ve got two of those guys that I’ve set up the sites for; they’re actually taking action, they’re following the videos, and they’re super happy with the results. New Google Sniper 2.0. Actually, one of them did this video testimonial for me, that I’ll be using during my webinar, but – so basically I set up all that.And so it just makes it easy for people. So if anyone’s interested in that, they can go to

So if you go to that, you can find out more details about that, and so…to answer your question, what affiliate programs do I promote… it’s all revealed, for anyone that wants to know. Google Sniper 2.0. Matt Poc: And if people want to continue education with you, where should they go? John Lagoudakis:, fantastic place to go at the moment. I’m offering there a free video e-course, step-by-step, showing people how to make money online fast, So that’s what I highly recommend if you want to learn more about myself and what I’m doing.

Head on over to Matt Poc: OK, so my name is Matt Poc from and go to and I will see you soon. Brand new Google Sniper 2.0. Bye for now. John Lagoudakis: Thanks Matt, bye.